¿What is bakunyu?

Bakunyu is a Japanese word that has been created by the union of two words of a single kanji, in order to create a new word. The kanjis of this word are: Baku, 爆, literally means an explosion of some kind; it is usually used to identify the explosion of a bomb, or that of spontaneous and noisy laughter. The second kanji is Nyu, 乳, refers to milk.

If we try to translate it literally bakunyu means something like “explosive milk” … something not very logical, but if we make an association of ideas or words related to milk, we find that milk and breasts go together, or at least when the woman is pregnant; so we could translate it as “explosive breasts”

The term bakunyu is known as part of slang or technical words within the genus Hentai. In this genre, women with bakunyuu, are possessing huge breasts, which make the aesthetics of the drawing is unbalanced, since they are exaggeratedly large, but the girl in question is the target of the sexual desires of the protagonist boy.

This type of anime is the representation of the desires of man because the woman possesses large breasts and that, in a part of her unconscious, when Bakunyu women can breastfeed, shows a certain emotional problem in her childhood produced by the mother figure.


Although bakunyu is a term used to identify a subgenre of the Hentai, it could also be used as a general term to identify girls with large breasts in animes of other genres. Therefore, in this occasion we present three bakunyu girls who belong to animes of other genres.

Mirel of Shikishima Valkyrie Drive; Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid presents the story of Mamori Tokonome who was kidnapped and sent to Mermaid Island. Once there, she is attacked almost instantaneously by the girls who live on that island; but then she is saved by Mirel Shikishima, by kissing and causing Mamori to reach a deep climax, which causes her to become a weapon to fight. The girls who live in Mermaid are isolated girls because they have the A virus that allows them to become a couple and fight. The Exters (Mamori) can become weapons when activated by the Liberators (Mirel). This is how the fight between Mirel and Mamori begins, in order to survive and escape the island.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is an anime belonging to the genre Yuri. This anime presents us with more than one girl with bakunyu, but Mirel is the one that stands out since its first appearance. Mirel’s bakunyu, always forces her to wear her blouse open, since it is impossible that the button does not fly out due to the effort to contain such tits, which makes her the maximum representative of the bakunyu of this anime. We must also point out that despite being a bakunyu girl, the aesthetics of the drawing is not lost.

Centorea Shianus by Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Akeno Himejima of DXD High School

High School DXD is an anime Ecchi, which presents the story of Issei Hyoudou, who is a boy obsessed with breasts. One day a beautiful girl is confessed and begins a courtship with her, however, one day that girl murders him, revealing his true form, because she is a demon. Being on the verge of death, Issei is saved by the president of the Occult Club of his name school, Rias Gremory. Upon awakening, Issei discovers that he has been revived thanks to the power of Rias, understanding that the redhead is also a demon.

Issei will meet the vice president of the Occult Club, among other club members, named Akeno Himejima. This beautiful girl is a girl half demon and half fallen angel, owner of an extroverted personality. Akeno is always willing to show her huge breasts, which Issei enjoys admiring and sometimes also playing, as long as Rias does not notice. Soon among the girls will begin a competition of who is the best girl for Issei. Akeno, on more than one occasion has left exposed his huge breasts, this in order to steal Issei. It is worth mentioning that Akeno’s attributes can be better appreciated when he takes his fallen angel form, because thanks to the dominatrix or BDSM style clothes, his breasts are better appreciated.


In short, bakunyu is a word that is defined as “explosive breasts” and this refers to any character that has a large bust size, outside the average. The character has to look like his clothes are about to tear due to the size of his breasts. Or in the case of Mirel on Valkyrie Drive, the character could constantly wear an unbuttoned shirt!

We hope you enjoyed this brief explanation of what bakunyu is. This is how we come to the end of this article, we hope that your doubts regarding this word will be clarified. We invite you to leave your comments or suggestions in the comments section that is a little below. Do not forget to follow me on our Facebook and Twitter social networks where you will find everything about anime, my illustrations and other topics of interest. We read soon!

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