Differences Ahegao, Torogao and Gesugao

The Japanese language is capable of hosting unique and specific words for lots of things, which for example in Spanish do not have equivalences and if they were described it would be done with a couple of sentences or a sentence. Such is the case of these three facial expressions typical of the world of anime and manga and, yes, have their own name and very specific uses.


“Panting face”. In this expression we see the eyes of the character (almost always a girl) with his eyes back and with his tongue hanging totally or partially. Maybe the character also denotes some joy or satisfaction or, visually, we would say that he is smiling. As at first glance it is clear, this expression is very common in the world of anime and manga hentai, and even in Japanese pornography, so we almost always find it in a sexual context. It is understood, or used, as receiving pleasure in a somewhat shameful or extreme way.


“Hot face.” Although this facial expression may also be charged by a sexual context, it is conveniently milder. Figuratively we could say that in this case the character is melting for pleasure. The presence of smiling and even saliva is quite common, too. So if it is not in a sexual context, we could say that it appears in situations of pleasure such as tasting your favorite food or anticipating an action that could produce a lot of pleasure (like finally reaching the bathroom … well … why not Do you feel good when you get to the last moment and save yourself from disaster? Sometimes it can be used in a comical context.


“Sordid face.” Here the thing if it changes and gets hairy: a gesugao is any face that has been deformed in such a way that clearly demonstrates the “evilness” of the character (even at the level of madness). That is, it expresses evil, even if your character does not look evil when he does not make this face (by extension you can be evil without making this face, how to make this face if you do not look bad all the time). This expression is not usual in sexual contexts or of extreme pleasure, obviously, but of more “clean” situations as of a character uncovering his true way of being or enjoying the consequences of his evil actions.

As a final comment it should be said that in the case of the ahegao, this “visual resource” is mainly used in women, while in the other two this is not so clear or important. And that contrary to what many seem to believe (and some try to prove) these facial expressions brought to real life are not exactly pleasant, sexy, adequate or as we want to label them. So the result of trying to do it is usually up to the legs.


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