The Basics Before You Buy

The Basics Before You Buy

by | May 8, 2020 | Buying Illustrations

By: HotaruChan

By: HotaruChan


Hello, welcome to my website, if you are in this post it is because you are interested in buying a custom illustration for your project, business or fanaticism.

Creating an illustration takes time, it is a process in which you will see the birth of your idea and as if it were a child, every detail will be well taken care of for your satisfaction.

Always in contact with you, I will be there to make slight changes that you do not like, remember that once the changes are confirmed, you will no longer be able to change them because I cannot delete the progress that I have already made.

I have no restrictions for art, as long as they do not affect third parties, nor are they works with minors, outside of that, all fetishes are welcome.

ALLOWED GENRES: Among the supported genres are OPPAI, BAKUNYUU, GORE, FURRY, CLOP, among others, if you cannot find the genre you are looking for you can ask without problems.

CONFIDENTIAL: Are you sure that I will not share any type of information about you, my clients and what we talk about to create the project are private, I do not tag your user on social networks, nor do I share captures of conversations, you are calm that everything we talk about it is private.

PRIVATE PROJECTS: I usually share my clients’ illustrations on my social networks, (only a miniature version), the life-size version is exclusive to my clients, but if you want your illustration to be exclusive and not be published in any medium Its price may go up a bit, for this you must contact me and reach an agreement.

Regarding payment, it must be 100 percent, or where appropriate, half to start and the rest before delivering, consequently I will give priority to whoever pays 100% and a surprise gift for their payment.

Payment is 100% secure, made from Paypal, Mercado Libre or bank transfers for those from Mexico.





In order to work on your project, these steps are necessary and thus optimize its creation, I need to see with your eyes what you expect to receive.

1.- ESTABLISH YOUR IDEA: Keep in mind what you would like to capture, it can be from something cute, something heroic, to something sexy or HENTAI, your imagination is the limit.


2 – ORIGINAL OR FANART: I can create for you from a completely original character taken from your imagination, to a real life character, a novel, cartoon, video game, series or whatever you like the most, this is called FANART . Let me know the name of your character for the fanart and if it is possible to send a reference image, if it is Original, tell me about your character.


3, – REFERENCES SERVE A LOT: So that you can better understand your idea, you can use reference images or videos, photographs or even other drawings, it is only so that you can better understand your vision.


4, – CHOOSE THE POSE: Your illustration needs dynamism, for this the appropriate pose is necessary, you can use references for this and so I can better understand your idea, or you can ask me to give you guidance.

5, – CHOOSE YOUR CLOTHES: The clothing gives personality, this is also for our characters, you can use references to show me what you are looking for or you can ask me for guidance. I can’t draw armor, dragons, or vehicles because of time.


6, – PACKAGE OR SIMPLE: In the commission prices section ( you will see different costs, among them the NSFW package, this is a package that includes variations in your drawing, remember to specify the qualities you need.


7.- FANTASY AND ARTISTIC PERMISSIONS: Your idea, your characters. Create a character completely to your liking, the body measurements that you like the most, even taking artistic licenses to find the aesthetic that you like the most.


8.- ADVANCE YOUR DATES: If you need the illustration for a commercial project, character for a brand, product or others, I ask you to reserve it with enough time, creating an illustration takes time, making changes may affect delivery time, include in your information the estimated date to deliver. Only if it is urgent.

Do not use an exact date, that its delivery is in days before the “big day”, so that there are no delays that may affect you


9.- PRICES AND PROMOTIONS: Every month special offers will be published on social networks that may be extra characters, low prices, interesting gifts for your purchase, remember to ask about promotions.

The prices in the commission costs section on this website are per character, in case of requiring more than one it is possible to make special discounts or receive an improved gift in exchange.


10.- ABOUT THE GIFTS: Depending on the cost of your order, the gifts will be better, these gifts can be from variations in colors, extra backgrounds, extra clothes, extra facial expressions, extra accessories or even a CHIBI gift, this is a surprise and only frequent shoppers will be allowed to choose as proposed.


BUT IF YOU HAVE EVEN MORE DOUBTS, I invite you to contact me at or through my social networks, you can find me in the most popular ones such as @hotaruchanart

I ALSO INVITE YOU TO CONTINUE READING MORE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, here below you will surely find the answers you are looking for.