How to buy an NSFW or Illustration pack

How to buy an NSFW or Illustration pack

by | May 8, 2020 | Buying Illustrations

By: HotaruChan

By: HotaruChan


Welcome to this post, this time I will talk about how to buy a NSFW package.


The NSFW package is a product for adults, the contents may contain erotic material or not suitable for all audiences.


The package basically consists of an illustration to suit the client with variations, these can be in their clothes, their facial expressions, accessories among other options indicated in the price section, (if you want something extra, do not hesitate to contact me).


ONE SINGLE POSE: This product consists of your character, it can be original or FanArt, in the pose that you like the most, on this we will work on the versions that your illustration will have, if another pose is required, it will be counted as a new drawing , and an extra charge such as a new illustration or pack.


ALLOWED GENRES: Among the supported genres are, OPPAI, BAKUNYUU, GORE, FURRY, CLOP, among others, if you cannot find the genre you are looking for you can ask without problems.


CONFIDENTIAL: Are you sure that I will not share any type of information about you, my clients and what we talk about to create the project are private, I do not tag your user on social networks, nor do I share captures of conversations, you are calm that everything we talk about it is private.


PRIVATE PROJECTS: I usually share my clients’ illustrations on my social networks, (only a miniature version), the life-size version is exclusive to my clients, but if you want your illustration to be exclusive and not be published in any medium Its price may go up a bit, for this you must contact me and reach an agreement.


If you have questions, you can contact me without obligation